Top performing SBC for Very High end Artificial Intelligence Project, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

A complete overview of NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX including Description, Specification, Price, Pros and Cons. Buy in India

Despite being the smallest AI and DL supercomputer in the world, Performance wise Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX is top and energy-efficient Single Board Computers among others. Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX would clock an operational computation of 21 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) on a 15W power supply. And at just 10W, the Xavier NX clocks around 14 TOPS. Its ultra-small 70–45mm footprint takes up little space but packs in a 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM v8.2 64-bit CPU with a 384-core NVIDIA Volta GPU and 48 Tensor cores.

Key Specifications :

  • CPU: 6-core NVIDIA Carmel 64-bit ARMv8.2 @ 1400MHz* (6MB L2 + 4MB L3)
  • GPU: NVIDIA Volta architecture with 384 NVIDIA CUDA cores and 48 Tensor cores
  • DL Accelerator: 2x Dual NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) engines
  • Vision Accelerator: 7-Way VLIW Vision Processor
  • Memory: 8GB 128-bit LPDDR4x @ 1600MHz | 51.2GB/s
  • Storage: MicroSD support
  • Display: HDMI and Display port
  • AI Performance: 6 TFLOPS (FP16), 21 TOPS (INT8)
  • Storage: MicroSD support

Pros and Cons :

Pros :-

  • Great for robotics
  • AI-capable — handles machine learning, natural language processing, and more
  • Excellent for desktop use
  • Fantastic for high-end retro gaming emulation
  • Great I/O — Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 3.1, GPIO, HDMI/DisplayPort
  • Up to 21 TOPS of computer power
  • 4K video output
  • Small form factor

Cons :-

  • It is not cheap
  • Larger than Raspberry Pi and its alternatives

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Vs Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX :

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX is the younger sibling of Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2. Around $400 for the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX, compared to $100 for the Jetson Nano. For less demanding AI applications, the Jetson Nano should work just fine, but if you need supercomputer capabilities, the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX is a best choice.

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